Educational Brochure Library - Adults With Children

Adults with Children

Great dental care is about more than just teeth! It's about your overall health and wellness. We have prepared the following PDF brochures for you and your children to better understand oral health - ensuring you maintain a healthy mouth and smile for life.

We are also proud to partner with Dear Doctor, the leading provider on dental information. Dear Doctor is known for producing unbiased, evidence-based information in a consumer-friendly style. Click here to visit LIBERTY’s Oral Health Center page.

Creating a Dental Home for Kids
Creating a “Dental Home” for your family to ensure life-long oral health
Child’s 1st Year Dental Care
Protecting your child’s oral health from infancy
The Children’s Epidemic
3 out of 5 children have this dental disease known as tooth decay
Preventing Tooth Decay
Learn how to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay
Dental Health Tips for Kids
Giving children an early start in oral health
Back to School/Back to Dentist
In your child’s early years, make dental visits a part of the back-to-school routine
Benefits of Dental Sealants
Dental sealants protect your child’s teeth from cavities for 10 years
Fluoride Varnish Treatment
Protecting your child’s teeth with fluoride varnish
Healthy Snack Ideas for Kids
Delicious, simple and healthy snack ideas your child will love
Healthy Nutrition Plan for Kids
Planning a healthy diet for your child using these valuable tips
Healthy Nutrition and Snack Ideas
Introduce your child to helping to make snacks they are sure to enjoy