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Just for Teens

Great dental care is about more than just teeth! It's about your overall health and wellness. We have prepared the following PDF brochures for you and your children to better understand oral health - ensuring you maintain a healthy mouth and smile for life.

We are also proud to partner with Dear Doctor, the leading provider on dental information. Dear Doctor is known for producing unbiased, evidence-based information in a consumer-friendly style. Click here to visit LIBERTY’s Oral Health Center page.

5 Healthy Habits for Teens
Maintain oral health with these simple tips
Braces: What to Expect
Protecting and taking care of your braces
Dental Sealants for Teens
Extra protection to safeguard your teeth
Wisdom Teeth & Tooth Removal
Some important things to know
5 Minutes to a Healthy Smile
Learn proper brushing and flossing techniques with these easy step-by-step instructions