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How do I become a LIBERTY Dental Plan contracted dentist?

You can complete a contracting and credentialing package on line by clicking here:

https://onlineenrollment.libertydentalplan.com Link Icon

Does LIBERTY Dental Plan accept CAQH?


How do I contact LIBERTY Dental Plan if I have questions regarding the Provider Online Enrollment (POE)?

Please call the Florida Provider Relations Department at 1-833-276-0851 or email PRInquiries@LIBERTYDENTALPLAN.com

What is the roll out schedule?

Please follow the link for full roll out schedule:

Regional roll out schedule PDF Icon

Where can I obtain a copy of the LIBERTY Florida Medicaid Handbook?

You can download a copy by visiting LIBERTY’s website at:

https://www.libertydentalplan.com/Providers/Provider-Resource-Library.aspx?state=FL Link Icon

Where do I submit claims for LIBERTY Florida Medicaid members?

All dental claims for LIBERTY Medicaid should be sent to LIBERTY electronically via EDI (Payor ID is CX083), LIBERTY’s web portal at: www.libertydentalplan.com Link Icon or you can send them directly to:

    • LIBERTY Dental Plan of Florida
    • PO Box 15149
    • Tampa, FL 33684

Does LIBERTY accept NEA FastAttach?

Yes. LIBERTY accepts NEA FastAttach. You can reach NEA FastAttach at:

Can I use dental labs outside of the United States?


What is a Dental Home or Primary Dental Provider “PDP”?

This is the members assigned primary care provider. Both General Dentist and Pediatric providers are considered “PDP” or “Dental Homes.

Are referrals for specialty care required?

Yes. Specialty care referrals must be initiated by the PDP and are required for all non-PDP specialty types. Please refer to your LIBERTY Florida Medicaid Handbook.

What is LIBERTY’s turnaround time for prior authorization and claims processing?

Our average turnaround times are:

  • Prior authorizations – 7 business days of receipt
  • Clean electronic claims – 15 business days
  • Clean paper claims – 20 business days

When is prior authorization necessary?

Prior authorization are required for certain covered procedures. Please refer to the LIBERTY Florida Medicaid Handbook and Benefit Schedule for the requirements.

What is the claim-filing deadline?

Claims may be submitted for payment up to 180 days following the date of service for in-state providers. Out-of-state providers will have up to 180 days following the date services were rendered. However, LIBERTY recommends that you submit claims for completed treatment either daily or weekly.

How is Coordination of Benefits handled for the Florida Medicaid program?

The LIBERTY Medicaid Provider Handbook contains detailed information about how Coordination of Benefits occurs when one of the plans is Florida Medicaid. In general, Florida Medicaid is the payer of last resort and is secondary to most other plans.

Does LIBERTY pay on prep date or delivery date?

Claims should be submitted reflecting the delivery date of fixed and/or removable appliances.

How do I receive electronic claims payment?

LIBERTY encourages providers to sign up for EFT (direct deposit) so that you receive your payments faster. The EFT form can be downloaded here:

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) Form PDF Icon

How can I sign up for LIBERTY’s Provider Portal?

Please visit: www.libertydentalplan.com Link Icon to register as a new user. Your office’s “Access Code” and “Office Number” will be required to register and are included in your LIBERTY Welcome letter.

Please contact LIBERTY’s online administrator at 1.888.700.0643 or send an e-mail to: portalsupport@libertydentalplan.com if you are unable to locate your login information..

Does the member ID card guarantee eligibility?

No. You must verify eligibility for each member prior to their appointment. Real time eligibility can be verified through your secure provider web portal on LIBERTY’s website www.libertydentalplan.com Link Icon or by calling 1-833-276-0851.

Sample of the ID card

ID Card Sample

How do I obtain LIBERTY’s Benefit Plans?

You may obtain a copy by logging in to LIBERTY’s secure provider portal at:

Does LIBERTY offer training for dental providers?

Yes, we offer providers training during orientation. in addition, training documents can be referenced on our website at:

How can I obtain a copy of an eligibility roster?

You can verify real-time eligibility by signing on to our website at: www.libertydentalplan.com Link Icon and select My Member. Please refer to our On-Line Provider Portal User Guide PDF Icon for additional information.

Does a member have to appear on my roster to be eligible to receive treatment?

Yes. Your office can verify real-time eligibility on our web portal. Please select My Members to ensure that members are assigned to your office before providing treatment.

What is the Continuation of Care (COC)?

Treatment already in progress or previously approved, provider must include a copy of the approved authorization with the claim at the time of submission, if applicable or other documented proof of ongoing treatment in progress.

What is the Continuation of Care (COC) period?

120 days from the initial roll out date in each Region

What are the Timely Access Standards?

Timely access standards:

  1. Urgent care services – within twenty-four (24) hours of a request for services that do not require prior authorization and within forty-eight (48) hours for a request for services that do require prior authorization;
  2. Routine Sick Patient Care – within seven (7) days;
  3. Primary Dental Care – within thirty (30) days; and
  4. Follow-up Dental Services – within thirty (30) days after assessment.